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Yiwen GARUDASANA (Eagle posture) with daughter Yvette in BHUJANGASANA (Cobra posture)

    - interview in the IKON TV program "De Nieuwe Wereld" watch the interview

"Op mijn reis raakte ik geinspireerd om meer met yoga te doen. De manier waarop mensen in Azie, en ook in China waar ik vandaan kom, een minimalistisch leven leiden, zonder veel bezittingen, dat vond ik erg inspirerend. Hun geluk is onafhankelijk van hun bezittingen. En, hoe minder bezittingen je hebt, hoe meer je kunt geven..."

    - article by Daphne Geerligs (Researcher TV) Read the full article.

Before: a scientific researcher

Before teaching kids yoga, Yiwen was a scientific researcher (Ph.D. in Mathematics and computer science) working at the Eindhoven University and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Meanwhile she was a broadcast producer at the Chinese Radio & TV Amsterdam for 10 years. To relieve the stress from the work, she started practising yoga daily.

In 2011, Yiwen travelled in Asia for one year (see Diff-Dutch Light) and was inspired by Buddhism, Martial art, Yoga and Tao meditation. Most importantly, she received the value of a minimal and mobile life style. Meanwhile, becoming a mother of two makes her interest shift from academy to kids yoga.

Now: a Yoga teacher, Writer and Translator

Yiwen is a certificated yoga teacher for adults and kids. She completed the yoga teacher training for kids and families from the Rainbow Kids Yoga in London 2014. To deepen her practice and understanding of yoga, Yiwen completed the 500+ hours teacher training (specialised in Vinyasa flow and inspired by the Jivamukti Yoga) from her teacher Gosta and Patrick at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam.

In September 2014, Yiwen founded the GEM KIDS YOGA.
The original idea is to Get Everybody Move --> GEM, which could also be interpreted as
Growth, Energy, Movement. Yoga is not only for adults, but also for kids, to develop strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Meanwhile, kids learn respect and honour for themselves, for each other and for the environment.

Meanwhile, Yiwen writes a newspaper column "׺ɋHӌ" of raising children in the Netherlands for the European Chinese newspaper “ϕr United Times, addressing issues of individual growth, parental guidance, school system. Read Yiwen's article: Why yoga for children?

Yiwen is also a translator (Chinese-English) for articles and documentaries in the field of modern Chinese culture and art.
The most famous documentary which she translated is "Langs De Oevers Van De Yangtze" from VPRO.




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