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Yiwen was a scientific researcher (Ph.D.) working at the Eindhoven University and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam,
a broadcast producer at the Chinese Radio & TV Amsterdam,
and currently a columnist of "׺ɋHӌڣRasing children in the Netherlands" for the European Chinese newspaper “ϕrUnited Times.
However, after one year travelling in Asia (see Diff-Dutch Light) and becoming a mother of two, her interest moved from academy to kids yoga.

Yoga teacher

Yiwen has practiced Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram Yoga and participated in workshops of Family Yoga, Yoga on the Rope, Thai massage.
She completed the yoga teacher training for kids and families from the Rainbow Kids Yoga in London, England.
Yiwen is now a certificated yoga teacher for kids and families.

In September 2014, Yiwen founded the GEM KIDS YOGA.
The original idea comes from the Chinese Oracle Bone Script "", which means three people are moving/farming in the sun, or maybe they are doing a sun salutation?
The second meaning is to Get Everybody Move --> GEM, which could also be interpreted as
Growth, Energy, Movement.
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