an instructional guide for teachers and practitioners

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Author: Yiwen Eliens Wang

Printed in Amsterdam, February, 2019

This book is an instructional guide for people who are interested in kids yoga. It includes three essential layers: poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana).

As a highlight, it contains 40 classic yoga poses, demonstrated by eight kids, who have been practicing yoga for many years. With discipline and devotion, their poses gradually became stable, comfortable and joyful. Through the photos, we can observe the action of the muscles and the joints, the spacing of the limbs and even the movement of the skin in a detailed way.

Based on the poses, it explains how to choose poses and assemble them in a sequence. The book also explains meditation exercises for kids and introduces traditional mantras as a sound meditation for kids to quiet the mind and some basic Sanskrit words and numbers for a better understanding of the practice.

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