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Family yoga workshop, samen yoga is leuk!

Parents come to the class for two reasons: one is for the benefit of the kids (health and fitness or just for play and fun), and the other is to strengthen the bonds within the family and spend quality time together.
It is fun to be playful, calm and silly, and it provides a great release for serious adults just as musch as it does for kids.

Family yoga workshop is especially good for practicing with very young kids who otherwise would have a hard time paying attention during a kids-only class. Parents are encouraged to support their kids go into poses, make lots of physical contact, positive feedback, deep breathing, laughter and smiles, and lots of looking in each other's eyes.

It is also good when taught as a private workshop for a big family, where both parents, as well as older/younger brothers and sisters can all participate. The parents get to feel about the ways their children learn, and the children get to experience their parents as learners as well.

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