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- draw by a student (Nine, 10 years old)

_ _ _ feedback from parents ___

"My daughter, age 10, began practicing and learning the foundations of yoga with Yiwen and over the last six months has blossomed into a junior yogi. We couldn't be more thrilled with Yiwen as a teacher as she makes yoga fun by relating and connecting with the kids, combining a healthy mix of yoga sutras with philosophy and animals! Our daughter has has issues with concentration levels and ever since she began Yiwen's class, we've noticed her focus and attention has increased twofold. We're sincerely grateful Yiwen and Gem Kids Yoga entered our lives."

    - from Jodi Banfield

"What makes Yiwen so special is her ability to 'go with the flow' of children. She teaches the children in a sweet and creative way, even if they move in the opposite direction. Within the safe and colorful environment of the Svaha yoga shala, children can be themselves and make their first steps on the path of yoga. At the same time, the classes are composed as a complete yoga class, where children attain flexibility, breathing techniques, concentration and self esteem trough playful asana.

    - from Loes

"I can only say that Elia was excited with the yoga sessions from Yiwen. Despite being negative with yoga before, just after the first day she turned to be in a good mood about it and now she only wants to be upside down like she learnt there. Congratulations to Yiwen, she drives it in a way no kids can resist."

    - from Josep Liansi

_ _ _ feedback from school teachers ___

"Yiwen came to deliver yoga training for a group of early years teachers from international school across the Netherlands. Everybody gave great feedback at the end of the meeting. Yiwen had a positive approach and did a great job of sharing the yoga basics with the group despite the short time frame. We covered not only different postures but how and why yoga is beneficial for children. This is something we can take back to school and use in our regular practice. Thank you Yiwen for a great session."

    - from Charlotte Johnson-Naus (Teacher from the International School Breda)

"Yiwen makes the yoga lessons fun and child-friendly using animals models, music, singing, and encouraging them to work together. Children loved the acroyoga, flying yoga and mantras, which helped them stay connected and grounded, while having fun together. Our sincere gratitude to Yiwen Eliens! We are thrilled to have you as a yoga teacher for children."

    - from Claudia Rodriguez Ortiz (Founder of Terragon Kids Camp)
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