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Weekend Dates
Weekend in January: Jan.10, 11, 12 (early bird price t/m 31/12/2019) FULL!
Weekend in October: Oct.2, 3, 4 (early bird price t/m 15/9/2020) (limited spots)

Coronavirus Protocol
The organisation (Ashram and GEM Yoga) will follow a strict protocol of safety, social distance and all hygiene measures. There will be a limit of 12 participants. Participants have to come without any health complaints related to the corona virus. So everyone can stay safe, healthy and enjoy the retreat.

Enjoy a special and relaxing Yoga weekend in the Loenen forest and rest at the ashram Sada Shiva Dham. Yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, relaxation... Guided by Yiwen Eliens and guest teacher(s). We will start on Friday evening with the dinner (6pm) and a gentle evening Yoga practice (8pm). Finish on Sunday afternoon.

- Accommodation (two nights: Friday and Saturday)
- Vegetarian/Vegan meals and drinks (coffee and tea)
- Daily practice, relaxation and meditation

Price per weekend
Early bird special price: 220 euro
Normal price: 250 euro

Register / Contact Yiwen:

* Program Highlight

* Advanced Vinyasa Flow
Synchronizing of movement with breath in a dynamic flow from India Mysore tradition, from fundamental to advanced poses.

* Function and Alignment
Understanding the functions of poses, we get into the body. Alignment is personal, not universal.

* Meridians Yin with Essential Oils
Use essential oils in a deep relaxing Yin practice based on the 12 Meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine system.

* Meditation, Pranayama and Chanting
Being in the present moment¡­ Breathe in¡­ out¡­ Observe the mind fluctuations¡­make peace with Self.

* Qi Gong šâ¹¦
With the roots in Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we cultivate the Chi šâ through gentle and circular movements. Following the 12 major meridians, we guide the life energy through breathing, visualization, movement, and meditation.

* (Optional Barefoot) Forest Walking
Barefoot is an invitation, not an obligation. Take a silent walk in the forest. Land softly in a natural gait.

* Guest Teacher and Special Session
As a surprising element of every retreat, there will be a (different) guest teacher or musician. She or he will guide/give a special session.

There are different types of guest rooms in the ashram: 1-person, 2-persons, 3-persons, 4-persons and dormitory for 6-persons ladies dormitory and 4-persons men dormitory. Please let us know your preference. First come, first serve. Your spot is secured after we have received the full payment.

- If the organisation (Ashram and GEM Yoga) can't provide the retreat due to the Coronavirus, the participants will receive the full refund.
- If the participant cancels the registration (by email) before 31 August 2020: full refund, except 50 euro administration fee.
- If the participant cancels the registration (by email) after 31 August 2020: no refund. But it is possible to give your spot to a friend, please inform us.

If you have any questions about the retreat (e.g. accomendation, kids, food, route), please contact Yiwen

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